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Commerce Professional Scholarship Exam 2023…CLICK HERE !!!….Last Date to Apply….24th November 2023

Commerce Professional Scholarship Exam 2023 ]-co-£-¡v c-Pn-kvä-À- -sN¿m-p-Å- A-h-km– Xo-b-Xn- 24 -hw-_-À- 2023 kv-tImf-À-jn-¸v ]-co-£-bn-Â- ]s¦Sp-¡p-¶- hn-Zym-À-°n-I-fpsS {i-²-bv¡v ]-co-£-bpsS Np-a-X-e- hn-Z-Kv²- A-²ym-]-I-c-S-§p-¶- H-cp- kv-tImf-À-jn-¸v F-Ivkm-antj-³- I-u-¬-kn-en-v (SEC) B-Wv. I-u-¬-kn-en-sâ Xo-cp-am-w- A-´n-a-am-bn-cn-¡pw- ]-co-£m- {]thi-w- ku-P-y-am-bn-cn-¡pw-.H-¶-c- a-Wn-¡q-À- ka-b-am-Wv ]-co-£-. cm-hnse 10 a-Wn-bv¡p-Xs¶ lm-fn-Â- {]thin-¡-Ww-. MCQ am-Xr-I-bn-ep-Å- 100 -tNmZy-§-Ä-¡m-Wv D-¯-cw- A-S-bm-fs¸Spt¯ï-Xv. -sXäm-b- D-¯-c-§-Ä-¡v -sK-äo-hv am-À-¡v _m-[-I-am-bn-cn-¡pw-. A-¡-u-ï-³-kn-, _n-kn–kv […]